Remove Those Ugly Stains from Your Teeth

Are you afraid to smile openly and cheerfully, because your teeth seem to appear tinted or spotted? You are not the only one to feel this way; numerous others across the globe experience the same emotions. Fortunately, there is a handy solution for restoring the bright color of your teeth. You just have to request your dentist for an appointment as soon as possible.

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They are Responsible for the Discolorations

• Dietary Habits: Solids like curries, blackberries, blueberries and soy sauce, as well as liquids like dark-colored fruit juices, dark-colored soda, tea, coffee and red wine are wonderful colorants. They are capable of eroding the tooth enamel or seeping through its pores into the interior region.

• Smoking: If you are excessively fond of your cigarettes, you may expect your teeth to look highly yellowish and ugly. Similarly, if you love to chew tobacco products, your teeth will begin to acquire a brownish tint after some time.

• Drugs: Children are especially vulnerable to strong antibiotics like tetracycline and excessive fluoride, when their teeth are still developing.

• Inappropriate Oral Hygiene: When you do not brush or floss your teeth properly, you invite plaque. Plaque is sticky in nature, since it is a conglomeration of food debris and bacteria. Over time, it hardens and forms yellowish or brownish tartar.

• Age: You cannot expect your teeth to remain pearly white throughout your life, since they are subject to wear and tear. The hues range from slightly yellowish to grayish over the years. Silver filings can lead to black discolorations.

A Sensible and Safe Option

As mentioned earlier, let your dentist take a good look at your teeth. Unless the discolorations are caused by cavities that require filling, you may opt for a tooth whitening process. For one thing, a professional will be able to get rid of all those spots and stains without causing any damage to your teeth. In your own interest, do not go in for over-the-counter bleaching products. Then again, your age does not matter. True, there is no guarantee that you will not require a ‘repeat’ process in the future, but teeth whitening may be deemed as a safe, almost-permanent solution. Above all, the sessions are affordable and quick.

The Actual Process of Whitening Stained Teeth

If you were to consult dentists dealing with zoom whitening in Vancouver WA, they would explain the process in detail.

• First, the professional requires an impression of your teeth. This will enable him/her to prepare a specific stent or mouth guard. In the absence of this structure, the bleach will not be able to stay on your teeth.

• For a couple of weeks, you will have to endure this strange material clinging to your teeth. It is only for three to four hours every night.

• In case, the discolorations are rather mild or moderate in nature, you may definitely expect to see a vast improvement. In case, the stains are too severe in nature, please go in for porcelain veneers or crowns.
Ensure that you have regular dental checkups, if you wish to retain your charming, radiant smile.