Four common reasons for senior citizens to visit dentists

It is necessary for people of all ages to visit a dentist on a regular basis and this is more particular for senior citizens. It has been noticed that seniors are much more susceptible towards facing dental issues due to cognitive or physical issues, which keep them from flossing and brushing their teeth in an effective manner as before.


Four specific issues which are commonly faced by seniors:

Cavities: These are much more closely associated to children. However, people can derive them at any point of time and age. This is more so with people over the age of 65. The risk of such condition tends to increase with age since older adults do no visit typically the dentists like they used to. Hence, the cavities could go untreated and undetected for a long time.

Eating problems: People having ill fit dentures, missing teeth, oral infections, gum disease or cavities may find eating things to be quite difficult. Such problems lead towards issues with their diet balance, including the food quality that is consumed by them. Visiting a dentist is much more vital for people, facing this issue since it could become easily quality of life issue.

Dry mouth: Most seniors tend to suffer due to dry mouth also called xeroztomia. Saliva is known to play an important role towards assisting in preventing tooth decay. However, most seniors take up multiple medications which cause dry mouth. It includes medications present for blood pressure, pain pills, antihistamines, incontinence medications, decongestants, etc. Many experts recommend seniors to diminish intake of caffeine and alcohol and to drink plenty of water for combating the problems.

Gum disease: It results in infection of gums along with other tissues, which keeps teeth securely in its place. Typically, gum disease gets worse as the person ages, thereby leading towards significant pain at the time of chewing. Common disease forms are periodontitis and gingivitis. Symptoms of the latter tend to include swollen, red gums, which bleed easily. The former on the other hand takes place when gums separate from teeth, thereby forming spaces, which later get infected.

Both gum disease forms eventual lead towards building up of plaque on teeth. In case, this plaque does not get removed regularly, it gets converted into tartar, which cannot be cleaned just by brushing. It is only the qualified and certified tooth extraction clinics in Vancouver in WA, which can effectively and safely remove the material.

With proper brushing and flossing, it is possible to have these issues mitigated along with other oral health issues. A better way for preventing them completely is to visit a good dentist regularly. If the person is a senior citizen, not able to take care of his/her teeth like before when he was young; the dental professional can be in a position to suggest ways for making it much easier. This problem should not be ignored since it is only likely to get worse over a period of time.