The Spartan Oral Health Routine

The best oral health regime for healthy adults involves analyzing their current oral constitution and then planning oral heath regimes based on the findings.

Analyzing Oral Health

Before we agree upon an ideal oral heath routine, we need to do a proper assessment of our current state of affairs. This enables us to create a tailor-made plan to achieve the best oral hygiene. The following points will help you do the assessment:

• Take an unwaxed thread of floss and run it gently between your teeth. Ensure that you go down to the level of the gums while flossing. While doing this, if you observe any bleeding spots, then it indicates inflammation of gums. Note down the percentage of areas that are bleeding. Upto 85% of non-inflamed areas indicates healthy gums, anything less than this figure should be of concern. This needs to be checked once a week to check for the status.

• Before every meal, use disclosing tablets and check the quantity of plaque formation in the mouth. If plaque formation is more, then it indicates an acidic oral environment. This gives us an idea on the areas of improvement to focus on and help in formulating the oral hygiene routine.


Formulating the Routine

An ideal Oral Hygiene regime should constitute the following:

• Before you brush your teeth, always make it a habit to floss and use a proxabrush too if you have gaps between your teeth. If you need to know more about how to go about using a proxabrush, there are some great videos out there on the internet to teach you. And, if you prefer not to do it yourself, then you can get it demonstrated by an expert like one of my friends did by visiting a teeth cleaning center in Vancouver, WA.

•Brush your teeth at twice a day and make it a point to brush before going to bed. Rinsing your mouth with a low fluoride mouthwash is also a good idea to keep the pH of your mouth alkaline during sleep. This will discourage plaque formation.

• Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. You may use your toothbrush as your tongue scraper. Cleaning your tongue is equally important for an ideal oral hygiene.

• Buy yourself an electric toothbrush if that is practical for you. These have low abrasive index are proven to be more effective.

• Make sure you avoid foods high on sugar or acids. Even if you consume these categories of foods, make it a habit to chew xylitol gum afterward.

• If you have bleeding gums, stop using the floss for a while and do the flushing with a Waterpik.

These are simple and effective ways to keep you oral hygiene at the best. It is imperative that you follow the routine religiously and gift a new leash of life to your great set of assets – your teeth. Oral well being is very important for an individual and oral hygiene goes a long way in boosting your self-confidence.